Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What's With France?

The French are at it again. French President, Jacques Chirac has apparently tried his best to throw a wet blanket on President Bush’s attempt to mend fences in Europe.

According to The Sun. Chirac has “embraced a German-led plot to ditch the alliance (NATO) as the backbone of transatlantic relations, in favour of the European Union.” He also “snubbed President Bush by speaking French at a dinner, despite being fluent in English.”

The Sun article went on to say: “Diplomats insisted Mr Bush had pulled off a coup by getting all 26 Nato members to contribute to a £2.5million programme to train and equip Iraq security staff. But the clash on Nato overshadowed everything.”

Mr Bush said Nato was the “cornerstone” of US-Europe relations. Tony Blair agreed it was of “fundamental importance.”

The Brits, we can count on; the French…?