Monday, May 16, 2005

It's Been a Long Time

I've been in a dry place. The desert. Empty. Usually this happens just prior to coming to an oasis. Like the saying, "it's always darkest just before dawn." I'm one of those dense people that usually has to be hit squarely on the head in order to realize anything. The last time, it was a license plate. It said "ISA 5417." A normal looking license plate. Just so happens that the car it was on wouldn't let me pass -- for two hours! I was going through a hard time in my work. My older sister called me on my cell phone. Said she had a Bible verse just for me -- it was Isaiah 54:17. I know -- I've been staring at that verse for two hours on the car in front of me!!! I'm so dense!

Anyway, this time it took a disabled postal worker and a man I hardly knew calling me -- "hitting me on the head" -- to get my attention. "LORD, I'm listening!!" "I'm ready!"

HE is like a loving Father. HE wants us to grow. Stagnant is not good. How do we prod our children? How do we get them to grow in maturity? How do we teach them to have a relationship with HIM? Is that how HE deals with us? Does HE put us in certain circumstances to make us miserable? Does HE allow us to be in a miry pit in order to teach us? In order to grow us?

I THINK SO. More later…